Stefa Govaart

Social as a Night

Social as a Night is a reading hosted in Tash Keddy's exhibition everything feels like just feeling everything all the time. Social as a Night is about a world mired in analogy and utterly socialized psyches. With readings by Dagmar Bosma, Maxi Wallenhorst and Stefa Govaart.

Something to hold in the let go, Dagmar Bosma
Fragments around entropic anxiety and erosion, passionately driven towards their own undoing.

I Only Have a Mouth With Your Whole Hand Inside, Maxi Wallenhorst
A historical novella in process; a complicated transvestite romance set in a slightly unreliable 1920s Berlin ... and during a night social as a nervous breakdown among girlfriends.

Cleft Exacted, Stefa Govaart
A long-form poem in process; negative transactions with a psyche social as a night. Count what's bitter and keeps you awake.