Stefa Govaart

Resequencing the Tillema Collection

Resequencing the Tillema Collection, performed by Stefa Govaart, is part of Poaletta Holst's and Paolo Patelli's inquiry into the archival footage of the Tillema Collection. With the Tillema Collection as a case study, the project intends to develop new narratives through the artistic and rigorous mobilisation of archival materials, while tracing the origins of fragmented knowledge and reflecting on systems and values with regard to the preservation of heritage. The aim is to contribute meaningfully to the debate on the decolonisation of archives, and to promote their public accessibility and outreach. By developing and deploying innovative methods and tools at the intersection of information design, critical documentary and the humanities, the project will mobilise knowledges and concerns through an open, generative process that will unfold through internal workshops, public participatory sessions, performance lectures and a video essay.