Stefa Govaart

Overture (Mantras for a Club)

Overture (Mantras for a club) is the starting point for a series of listening situations where embodiment, sound, and voice embrace a constant state of trial and error. Stuck in the theatricality of domestic and emotional spaces, singing individuals explore their states of exposure and offer a testing ground for flatness and artificiality. 

By: Mathias Ringgenberg/PRICE | Performance: Ivan Cheng, Stefa Govaart, Mathias Ringgenberg/PRICE | Music production: Cecile Believe | Piano: Sebastian Hirsig | Movement research: Thibault Lac | Odor: In‘n’out Fragrances | In collaboration with: How To Show Up, Amsterdam | Performed at: Splendor, Amsterdam, December 18, 2019.