Stefa Govaart

Monument 0.4: Lores and Praxes (rituals of transformation)

Monument 0.4: Lores and Praxes (rituals of transformation) is a six-hour long performance made for the exhibition space. Dancers from four continents engage in a performative transformation of war dances and dances of resistance. What does it mean to embody a dance? Learning gestures from online image production networks such as YouTube is a delicate and highly mediated procedure. Rigor is asked for. It is mandatory to face one’s own multiplicity, and lack. The dances are reassembled, refigured practices that cannot and do not promise full understanding. There is no fantasy of representation, nor retribution.

Monument 0.4 includes traces of dance and vocal practices from Zaar, Kawliya, Kete, Capoeira Angola, Razzolo, Sabar, Mbosi, Chango, Oshun, Wakamalolo, Baris, Krump, Alanta, Attan, Semazen (Sufi Whirling), Holosa (Mudman), Kalari, Shaadi, Gure, Rumba Columbia, Wanaragua, Tari Saman, Kuduro, and Gede, originating from Egypt, Kuwait, Iraq, Iran, Ghana, Brazil, Chad, Senegal, Congo, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Fiji, Bali, Angola, South Africa, Nigeria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Turkey, Syria, India, Kashmir, Zimbabwe, Brazil, Honduras, Nicaragua, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Haiti, and Rwanda.