Stefa Govaart

If Repeatedly Then Reception

If Repeatedly Then Reception reads texts repeatedly. Reading and receiving are acts of repetitive labor to which you are devoted. The body charges––is charged by––the violence of reception that is its repeated condition of possibility, not its mark of inadequacy. Your repetition and receptivity are not your own. You are beholden. Acts are postures of reproduction––the forming of the formed––held by misreadings: always misunderstood. Repetition and reception imply the social dimension of a body, the way it exceeds the one who bears or does it, even as that one remains inchoately singular. Amidst differentially enforced deprivation, abjection and surplus, you are social crafting and socially crafted by. There is no end. The given scission cannot be told apart from its presentation. What's riven and received? What's the transaction? Who's charged? You who over this site I graft, reception is into us is into us.