Stefa Govaart

Gerundi Circular

Gerundi Circular is a video installation by Claudia Pagès Rabal revolving around global maritime routes, legal jargon, and the relentless flow of commerce and people that has characterized capitalism in action. Filmed in a seamless 360-degree loop, the footage blends the rhythmic gestures of three performers (Aster Arribas, Stefa Govaart and Claudia Pagès) and layers of handwritten texts into a series of music-video sequences. Set around three distinctive and interconnected sites related to the past and present of Barcelona’s commercial port––the ship-shaped business hub of the World Trade Center, the 19th-century customs building, and the harbour breakwater––Gerundi Circular bears witness to the logistical intricacies of the city as a seemingly frictionless interface between the open space of the sea and manmade infrastructures, behaviours, and languages.