Stefa Govaart

Cry or Laugh: Acts of Reading

Stefa Govaart "Duplicity Willing"
Billy Morgan "Foils"
Saman Mahdavi "lullaby for awakening"
YuJing Liu "[10 minutes relax]"
Lucas Lagomarsino "Untitled"
Jakob Wittkowsky "tour diary"
Outro "clumsy sweets"

You do shiver as the wind flicks at your bare arms.
The spirit is willing.
This was built.
Love is locked into science.
Where are rich inner lives?
Where rich inner lives are?
Do properties align? 
The task is then to balance the duplicity of garnering.
I will you - you will me!
I will beg your pardon. 
Does approximation overtake the proximity essential to ethical conduct / projection / extension?
But again do they align?
What do you think of the wind? 
How is such a praise?
How is such                              a praise?