Stefa Govaart

A Deep Night Problem

In A Deep Night Problem Cassandra Troyan, Stefa Govaart and Geo Wyex read from their respective works.

A late Sunday afternoon of a deep night problem is another form of disconsolation. Who climbs the hill, stands on the shore, descends into the water, fucks the mind? You've spent the month buying flowers. Somebody might text the weight of everything. Have they said yet who is to blame?

Cassandra Troyan reads from their forthcoming book Against Capture, a collection about trauma, desire, isolation, and abolitionist dreaming for the end of incarceration, captivity, domestication, and borders towards transspecies solidarity. Stefa Govaart reads from FANG, a long-term project that takes on the repetitive narration of surrender, submission and adoration in The Book of Psalms. Geo Wyex’s themes include water, masculinity, ghost sex, ancestry, and money money money.