Stefa Govaart

I'd Have Two Lives

_Epistolary project in collaboration with Marija Cetinić taking place across gmail, messenger and docs. It began on July 1st, 2020. Its prelude was lockdown one: March-June 2020. The project commits to five years of informal, studious, faithful writing. The letters are held by misreading, emoting and formal shifts (yes/no linebreaks, yes/no interpunction, yes/no theory, yes/no stories). We have written many. At times, shards are shared among friends and followers, trafficking in (un)willed intimacy. If strongly held beliefs have shifted, then there are also things we can't give up. We hope to shed what's accumulated, not contradiction. A best-of publication is foreseen in 2025. A letter demands an address, awaits a response_