Stefa Govaart

Stefa Govaart’s text- and performance-based work stages negativity and language as dedication, not subordination. They are a founding member of Sex Negativity at Amsterdam School of Cultural Analysis, and curate the artists’ gathering Spring Meeting at Performing Arts Forum in France. They have performed internationally, including MACBA (Barcelona), Serralves (Porto), KINDL (Berlin), MDT (Stockholm), Kunstenfestivaldesarts (Brussels), Petach Tikva (Tel Aviv), working with Eszter Salamon and Claudia Pagès Rabal, among others. Recent work was staged at rile* (Brussels), Perdu and de Appel (Amsterdam). They have taught at P.A.R.T.S. (Brussels) and Sandberg Instituut (Amsterdam). They are working on a poetry collection, and an epistolary book project (with Marija Cetinić). They are based between Brussels and New York.

I stage scripts poised between the colloquial and philosophical. Body and voice are receptive sites of both subjugation and transformation. Negativity is a condition of possibility. I care for language. Neither straightforward propositions nor syntactically convoluted passive grammars suffice. I steal from dictionaries, thesauri, and grammar blogs; from poets, philosophers and friends. The labor of embodied relationships and the gradual construction of thought in speech are my materials. I think gender/sex/love via money/power/authority. I am impacted by collaborators, dialogue, and self-organized contexts where thought and performance meet. A background in dance, gymnastics, and physical regimen form the basis for using performance as critical medium.