do you remember that you sang? it rains in my brain? a cock is a dick? a child carries a nut? you strive to convey? do you remember that you swam?

What is there decides                 
A pond in a park
Masculine should 
It be there 
Amateurs perforce
Have to settle for less
                                            Profit in tie 
We have        
He has it in him                  
Hauls means to ends
She was a woman of purpose                
Serving drink at table
I went to bed twice 
We went to bed twice                 
                                             Assumed to be a kind of couple

Give a tremulous look          
Lovely persons
Come in me anon          
Like politic-
Ally on the edge
Before birth 
                                            I sort

To draw drink 
To pray thee    
I'll heed
I’ve been 
The light at amber kneeling to spill
To what end is gold              
Fat eggs in wine        
Poached ground con-
Came inside that never spake other English in her life
What’s there                 
                                            The king of time